Date: December 2018-20

Team: Rachel Chaldu, Sarbani Ghosh, Sabetty Heyme, Masimba Hwati, Trev True

Role: Board Member, Mattress CEO


As current and recent college students we were all aware of abhorrent stories of sexual misconduct. The cultural and institutional responses were contentious and hyper focused on adjudication methodologies and punitive measures. While those are important areas of inquiry that have been woefully mismanaged historically, they do little to combat the underlying malignancy of sexual violence. We saw this as the difference between preventative care and emergency room medicine and were interested in treating the underlying malady rather than the symptoms. We all recognized that there wasn’t an easy fix, but we thought that nurturing a broader discourse aimed at promoting healthy sexual encounters was a goal worthy of our effort.


Develop an open architecture where cultural producers can work together to eliminate rape culture by promoting affirmative consent in sexual interaction.


We knew that sexual violence was a major problem among college age adults and the CDC’s National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey confirmed our suspicions. The overall number of sexual assault survivors in the United States was significantly higher than we expected and confirmed the dire need for community intervention. We interviewed university administrators, campus security, dormitory managers, and resident advisors. We spoke with campus healthcare workers and reviewed sexual assault response procedures mitigation strategies. We reviewed literature on affirmative consent and sex positivity. We workshopped potential interventions like the consent form and held a town hall style critique of the entire project and made appropriate adjustments.


b4sex, inc. a New York not-for-profit supporting a coalition of cultural producers, educators, and engaged citizens working together to bring an end to rape culture by promoting affirmative consent in sexual interaction. 4pointbed, a mattress company whose profit is used exclusively to fund

Research: Starting a Mattress Company

Starting a mattress company is a complicated endeavor. I began by looking at how and where mattresses are made. It turns out that the USA has a robust mattress manufacturing industry. Denver, Colorado has one of the largest concentrations of mattress factories due to its central location. Further research revealed that most mattresses are simply rebranded reformulations of the same basic materials, and several competitive brands might be made on the same assembly line. I began by reaching out to mattress factories, but I couldn't get anywhere because I didn't have the budget to make a large initial order. So, I attacked the problem from another angle and contacted the owner of SleepNation, a small private label mattress store chain in Denver. They had relationships with a few factories and were eager to help. SleepNation helped us design a mattress and connected us to a factory that agreed to produce and drop ship mattresses as they sold. I workshopped potential names with the b4sex crew and A/B tested the two finalists. I ordered a few prototypes for marketing and built a retail website complete with sleep accessories from Malouf a leading manufacturer with a well-funded foundation that actively combats human trafficking. Sadly, SleepNation and our partner factory both failed due to Covid-19 and our little mattress experiment ended.


Mattress Factory

Mattress Factory

A/B Test

A/B Test Winner ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Mattress FAQ

Do you offer hypoallergenic options?

Everything we sell is hypoallergenic.

Do you offer scented versions?

No, but you’re free to dab it with essential oil.

How do you keep prices so low?

We’re not greedy.

Do you offer extended warranty plans?

Nope, we’re all gonna be sleeping in zero-g pods in 10 years.

What is your return policy?

All our products come with industry leading warranties. To keep our prices low, we do not accept returns.

Is the 4.0 mattress soft or firm?

The 4.0 mattress is medium firm. If you’re looking for something softer, we suggest adding our synthetic down topper or a pile of kittens.

Who makes the 4.0 mattress?

The 4.0 mattress is manufactured for by THERAPEDIC.

Where is the 4.0 mattress made?

The 4.0 mattress is made in Denver Colorado and is 50 state legal.

Who supplies your accessories?

Our accessories are from Malouf.

Do I need a box spring for the 4.0 mattress?

No, but you will need a platform bed or a clear patch of floor if you don’t have a box spring.

What does “designed for college students” mean?

It means comfortable, durable, and affordable are our guiding principles.

Why did you partner with

Affirmative consent is an important issue and we want to promote it.

Can I buy a 4.0 mattress without a consent form stitched in?

Yes, make a $5,000 donation to any organization promoting affirmative consent and we’ll whip you up a special edition.

Can I get an extra consent form?

Download it from and print enough to catch your Epson on fire.

Do you make a profit on the branded products in your store?

No, all the money goes to

Are all your products made in the USA?

Our mattress is made in the USA, but other products are imported.

Do you offer in home setup?

No, but it’s not much harder than swapping out a Britta filter.

How do I clean my 4.0 mattress?

Put our mattress cover on and you won’t have to.

Is the 4.0 mattress good for jumping?

It works better as a platform for inverted chocolate milk drinking.

Can I use the 4.0 mattress as a rock climbing crash pad?

Safety first is our motto, so prob not.

Will my pet like the 4.0 mattress?

Cats, dogs, and your weird uncle's ferret agree, the 4.0 is comfy af.

Can I use the 4.0 mattress as a flotation device?

Maybe if you’re trying to set a freediving record.

Can I fill my foam pit with 4.0 mattresses?

Yes, and please tag us in your feed.

Do you support animal testing?

In most cases no, but our Labrador has learned a new trick every day since he started beta testing a 4.0 bed.

Will the 4.0 mattress fit in my car?

Yes, if your car is a van.

Is my 4.0 mattress recyclable?

Yes, but no one is going to give you 10 cents back.

What should I do with my old mattress?

Take it on a picnic and watch people watch you.

Is H2Pro better than Gore-Tex for mattress covers?

Do you really want a $5,000 crinkly mattress cover? H2Pro all the way!

Will you sponsor my flugtag project?

Possibly. Is it a giant flying affirmative consent form?

Will you sponsor my Burning Man art car?

See previous answer.

Does sleeping on a 4.0 mattress guarantee a 4.0 GPA?

Yes, when used properly, combined with a complete breakfast, and rigorous studying.

Will there be a SUPREME edition anytime soon?

We hope so, we haven’t been to Coachella yet.

Can I test-drive the 4.0 before I buy it?


Does the 4.0 mattress have a charging port?

Stay tuned. R&D is mainlining Yerba Mate, and big things are on the way.

Can we name our baby after you?

Not if you want them to speak to you after their fifth birthday.

Will you send me a free mattress if I tattoo your logo on my face?



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Inaugural Exhibition

We sent an announcement to board member contacts explaining our mission with an invitation to participate. More that 200 people expressed an interest and asked to be kept informed. A further 30 people volunteered to participate in our inaugural exhibition. Although Covid-19 stalled our momentum, we hope to be back with new initiatives and programming in the near future.